Del Cerro Action Council

After serving the Del Cerro community for over 20 years, the Del Cerro Action Council has been retired and the Voice of Del Cerro (VODC) will take its place. The VODC will hold its first zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 28th at 6:30 p.m. To receive notification of the link to participate in the meeting and become a part of the VODC, email

DCAC, Retired

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First Newsletter from District 7 Councilmember Raul Campillo

Image Image It is an honor to serve as your Councilmember. Welcome to the  District 7 Dispatch!  As a San Diego native and now your newly-elected Councilmember, I’m honored to be of service to you and your families. First and foremost, I would like to thank former Councilmember Scott Sherman and his team for being so generous with their time and facilitating a seamless transition for me and my team into this office.  We’ve been in office for a month and a half, and since then I have been appointed to serve as Chair of the Economic Development & Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Vice Chair of the Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Committee as well as the Rules Committee, and a member of the Budget and Government Efficiency Committee. In addition to these committees at the City level, I have also been appointed to serve on the San Diego River Conservancy Board, as Chair of the Mission Trails Regional Park Task Force, and several SANDAG boards. My participation in these boards will ensure our District’s voice is heard on a regional level and on the issues most important to our families.
My office is hard at work addressing the many issues facing our communities. At this very moment, we are strategizing how to best achieve an electricity and gas franchise agreement with SDG&E after extending the prior agreement to June 1. In this process, as in all others, I will put the needs of the residents of District 7 first, ensuring homeowners and businesses will have the electricity needed, at affordable rates, to take care of their families, employees, and customers. 

As your Councilmember, I plan to address longstanding issues of housing affordability and homelessness, while implementing relief for families and businesses suffering due to the pandemic. Your physical and financial health is a top concern for us. As you may know, at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, I made the motion to extend our City’s eviction moratorium for both commercial and residential tenants. Many District 7 residents are struggling to get by, and while there is never a good time to throw anyone out on the streets, now is the worst possible time for that to happen. 

Thank you again for entrusting this great honor. I will serve with honesty, transparency, and integrity. -Raul A. Campillo Introducing Our Excellent Staff I am excited to announce that I have hired a talented, experienced, energetic and diverse staff who will provide excellent constituent service for the residents of District 7 during my term. We are hard at work tackling the issues important to

San Diego families.   Image
The State of Our City Earlier this month, Mayor Todd Gloria delivered his inaugural State of the City address. His remarks were honest and powerful, and I had some thoughts I wanted to add on behalf of the residents of District 7; please click on the video below to watch them.    Join me and the Mayor’s team on Feb. 11 to learn more about the gas and electric franchise, and have your feedback heard.  I am grateful to the many District 7 residents who have called into recent Council meetings to make their voices heard about the critical decision currently facing City leadership. I voted for a 5-month extension of our current agreement with SDG&E to give us time to work out the best deal for San Diego ratepayers and take community feedback. In order to make sure all voices in the community can be heard, I will be hosting a forum for D7 residents where Mayoral staff will make a presentation about the franchise agreement and we will take feedback from the community. Please click here to RSVP.  This forum on the franchise agreement will be first in our Town Hall series, during which we will have a meeting specific to each neighborhood in D7. To register for a Community Town Hall, please click on the one you would like to participate in below: Linda Vista – 2/18 Mission Valley – 2/23 Del Cerro – 2/24 San Carlos –  3/1 Tierrasanta – 3/3 Serra Mesa – 3/4 Grantville/Allied Gardens – 3/23 Neighborhood Updates: Del Cerro: We are pleased to report that we have been able to resolve two issues that have been plaguing the Del Cerro community in the past month. First, there was the streetlight that had been non-operational for over a year on Claremore Avenue that was creating safety concerns for residents and drivers. I was pleased to work with our City’s Streets Division and Jared Miller-Sclar, our District Representative for Del Cerro, to get this issue resolved in a timely manner. The street light now shines bright yet again. Second, we were made aware of a “No U Turn” sign on Del Cerro Boulevard that had been removed and replaced with a far less visible, temporary folding sign. Unfortunately, the permanent sign was never replaced. A Del Cerro resident requested that the City remove the folding sign and replace it with another permanent sign affixed to a poll. After our office made contact with the City’s Transportation and Storm Water (TSW) Division, City workers informed us the very next day that the original sign had been restored.     Thank you to the residents who have written into our office to express their views about the All People’s Church proposed development project. We appreciate hearing from the community about any issue before the City, and we understand there are strong feelings. With that in mind, our office cannot take a position prior to the Council vote, which is at this point not scheduled. For more information on why we cannot take a position, please see this helpful explainer from the Voice of San Diego.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Jared at JMillerSclar@sandiego.govTierrasanta: Last month, I voted to fund the final construction of the Tierrasanta Dual Pump Station. Our office has also have submitted my budget priority memo and with respect to Tierrasanta, I have highlighted the issues of road conditions along Clairemont Mesa Drive and the need for traffic calming along collector roads. We have been able to repair a downed street sign along Rueda Drive and the street is scheduled to be repaved later this year. We were also thrilled to be able to fill a number of dangerous potholes along Via Temprano that residents had made our office aware of.  Also, a key public safety issue: please be aware of water pipe construction in Mission Trails Regional Park. I encourage you to closely follow all of the signs as the machinery and equipment can be dangerous. We are responding to issues in the community as fast as possible. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Vic at Lastly, thank you to the Tierrasanta Community Council for welcoming me and Vic.   Image   Serra Mesa:  Since our District Representative, Vic, got on the ground last month, he has been frequently visiting the community to investigate first hand the issues that are being reported, take photos, and forward them to the relevant City department(s).

In the last month, we have submitted our budget priorities memo. With respect to Serra Mesa, we have highlighted the issues of ADA Cross Walks, Traffic Calming measures in the Mission Village, Murray Ridge, and Birdland areas. We are thrilled to have been able to patch a few potholes off Success and Marathon with more of the Mission Village areas scheduled to be paved by this summer. We have requested an update from the City on the lights that are out on Mission Village Drive and on the undergrounding of wires in the Murray Ridge area. In addition, I also voted to fund the removal of invasive Palm Trees in Ruffin Canyon. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Vic at Lastly, thank you to the Serra Mesa Community Council for welcoming me and Vic at your last meeting. Image   Grantville/Allied Gardens: Thank you to the members of the Allied Gardens/Grantville Kiwanis for welcoming my district representative, Sanna Loando to your meetings. I am looking forward to attending another meeting of yours in the near future.    Image We have an update to share with regard to Mission Gorge Neighborhood Park. This 5.3 acre community park, including a 0.7 acre dog park and other amenities, was recommended for approval by the Park & Rec Board, in its advisory capacity to the City Council, on Jan 21.  I am looking forward to attending the Navajo Community Planners Inc. meeting on February 10. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Sanna at San Carlos:  Thank you to the San Carlos Area Council for inviting me and my representative for San Carlos, Sanna Loando, to attend your virtual holiday party last month. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and to working together to strengthen our communities. As a Councilmember, I plan to prioritize the San Carlos Library and ensuring that it gets the attention it needs and deserves.  As I mentioned earlier in the message, I am Chair of the Mission Trails Regional Park Task Force and will continue advocating for improving the trails and the surrounding amenities.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Sanna at Linda Vista: Linda Vista is a community that is rich in history, and our District Representative Anthony Hackett has gotten to know many of its community members.  Anthony has been in contact with the Bayside Community Center learning about their history, the host of services they provide to the community, and has met with the staff virtually. 

This past Monday, I was happy to join the Linda Vista Planning Group general meeting, and later, Anthony also attended the Groups’ Affordable Housing Task Force to participate on my behalf in discussions about how best to make housing more affordable for working people in our City. 
Anthony also shared my budget priorities for the community of Linda Vista which included my desire to see a Mini-ADA Park be developed within John Baca Park, funding for the Linda Vista Community Center, and the Linda Vista Library. Anthony has also responded to calls through the “Get it Done” App regarding trash and abandoned encampment clean-ups.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Anthony at Mission Valley: My office is monitoring and in communication with a Community Advisory Group that updates the surrounding residents and business owners of a former Residents Inn that is now a permanent supportive housing apartment complex. Anthony and I have also attended the Mission Valley Planning Group meeting where he was once a board member, and has informed the chair of my budget priorities for Mission Valley that include curb ramps with ADA upgrades, lead pedestrian intervals, pedestrian countdown signals, pedestrian scale lighting, and sidewalk constructions. Anthony has also spoken with residents in the community and learned about how they have taken a proactive approach to abandoned trash and encampments by organizing community clean-ups which I hope to participate in myself very soon.  A big thank you to PATH for hosting me and my team for an informative event along the San Diego River this morning. I fully support PATH in its mission to end homelessness. On behalf of Council District 7, we at the City are happy to be an ally in this fight, and we will continue to build on the progress we’ve made by extending the funding for the Convention Center shelter and extending our City’s eviction moratorium. We look forward to working with PATH to find permanent supportive housing for our neighbors experiencing homelessness along the River, and we are thankful to have a supportive partner at the federal level in Rep. Sara Jacobs as we work to help our most vulnerable neighbors. Image If you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please email Anthony at Image Image   Join Mayor Gloria and Council President Campbell on Monday, February 1st for a Town Hall on COVID-19 vaccinations in the City of San Diego:    District 7 Directory:  Raul Campillo Councilmember   Michael Simonsen Chief of Staff 619-236-6765   Jared Miller-Sclar Deputy Chief of Staff 619-236-7716 Community: Del Cerro   Justine Murray Director of Policy 619-236-6751   Vic Vettiyil Senior District Representative  619-236-6749 Communities: Tierrasanta and Serra Mesa   Sanna Loando District Representative/Policy Advisor 619-533-6479 Communities: Grantville, Allied Gardens, and San Carlos   Anthony Hackett District Representative/Policy Advisor 619-236-5909 Communities: Mission Valley and Linda Vista   Cheryl Willis Director of Office Administration/Scheduler 619-236-6497   Sophie Barnhorst Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee Consultant 619-533-5906 Small Business Spotlight: Lilac Thai Kitchen Small Businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and we all know that the pandemic has been a fraught time for them, especially restaurants that are unable to serve patrons in-person due to COVID-19 safety restrictions.  Each month, we will be spotlighting a small business in District 7 that we feel is particularly deserving of the community’s support during these trying times.  This month’s Small Business Spotlight recipient is Lilac Thai Kitchen in Tierrasanta, located at 10480 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Lilac serves an extensive menu of delicious authentic Thai dishes that includes vegetarian and plant-based options. Image Raul’s favorite dish: Chicken Pad Thai   Memos: All of the memos our office submits, including our budget priorities memo, are posted on our City Council website. You can view them at any time HERE.         Office of Councilmember Raul A. Campillo
202 “C” Street, 10th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619)236-6677
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January Del Cerro Action Council Postponed

The topic for the January DCAC meeting was to be a community discussion on the proposed All Peoples Church on the east side of College Avenue between I-8 and Del Cerro Blvd. It was the DCAC’s understanding a draft of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) or a Mitigated Negative Dec (the MND is a simpler environmental report) and the Traffic Report would have been published for public review prior to the January meeting.

At this time, neither report is currently available. It is our understanding the All Peoples Church is producing another submittal to the city. This will require the city to produce another Cycles Report (a submittal is a response to questions from the city about the project and the city responds accepting or rejecting the project’s responses to the city’s questions). There are now three key elements regarding the church project which are not available to the public – draft environmental report, the traffic report and another Cycles Report.

When the documents are available for public review we will call a special meeting of the DCAC.

When the draft environmental document is released, everyone will have a minimum of 30 days to submit their concerns to the city.

This will all transpire prior the All Peoples Church project being placed on the agenda for the Navajo Community Planners, Inc. (NCPI) as an action item. All of the Del Cerro community concerns will be presented to NCPI at that time.

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Questions about the new “Save Del Cerro” group and the status of All Peoples Church.

Mark Rawlins, DCAC Chair

Del Cerro Action Council has been receiving emails and phone calls regarding the new “Save Del Cerro” group being promoted on Facebook and Nextdoor. The inquiries are from community members wondering if this is the same Save Del Cerro group as the one from 2007.  At that time, DCAC supported the effort to oppose SDSU’s 2007 master plan to develop 540 housing units in Adobe Falls without providing any mitigation to traffic. The opposition was a team effort; DCAC partnered with the City of San Diego, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), and the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

In short, no. None of the leadership in the 2007 Save Del Cerro group is part of this current Save Del Cerro effort.

Those who recall, in the SDSU master plan development traffic, would have utilized Adobe Falls road, Mill Peak Rd, Arno Dr, Helena Pl, Genoa Dr, Capri Dr, Del Cerro Blvd. and College Ave to get to SDSU daily.  This traffic would have collided with Hearst Elementary traffic at the same time. DCAC and original Save Del Cerro were adamant that SDSU provide a mitigation plan to reduce traffic in Del Cerro by providing an alternate way in and out of Adobe Falls. It was a classic David and Goliath story. After years of litigation, SDSU was forced to reduce its master plan design down to 240 units in Adobe Falls.

The current Save Del Cerro group fiercely opposes the development of the All Peoples Church, a conservative Christian church. Many of their posts are filled with half-truths and distorted facts.  To date, they haven’t been willing to engage with DCAC nor with church leadership to address their concerns. Instead, they use Facebook and NextDoor to spread propaganda against the church. They have labeled it as a “Mega” church and are distorting the church building layout as massive. The proposed church capacity is only 100 more people than St. Therese and St. Therese has a school on site.  The majority of the buildings, including the top floor of the parking structure, will be set below the College Ave street site line. Additionally, the church is being built on 5.6 acres of land that is locked in a canyon. There is no other land available for the church to expand.

This group has also failed to mention that the church has proactively worked closely with, and been accommodating to, the community and nearby neighbors for over two years to address concerns about the impact of the development in the neighborhood. They have been providing updates on their progress with the city on their building plans to DCAC and NCPI with complete transparency. In any development there are unknowns and details that are being worked out with the city. If they don’t currently have all of the answers doesn’t mean they are hiding something with the city.

A topic that needs to be addressed is the Save Del Cerro group’s hostile view on the All Peoples Church’s beliefs. The Save Del Cerro organizers and core followers believe that the church’s values don’t align to Del Cerro community values and thus should not be built in Del Cerro as to their own admission during a Fox 5 News interview. That is an opinion which is not necessarily shared by the rest of the residents of Del Cerro. Freedom of religion is a First amendment right and no group or individual has the right to tell any religion that they cannot co-exist.   It doesn’t matter if a mosque, temple, church, or synagogue is being built, the issue of religion should not be a discussion point when it comes to private property land use and development.

The primary issue is traffic and congestion in Del Cerro. That is a concern I share. But this traffic issue is much different than with the SDSU 2007 master plan. The peak of the church’s travel is at Del Cerro’s lowest traffic pattern throughout the week; Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. The main concern is the “right turn only” into, and out of, the church parking lot. If church traffic were to be limited to right turn only into and out of the property, the church development plan could have a serious issue. However, the church has proposed, and city staff has tentatively accepted, a new signalized intersection at the church’s driveway. If approved by City Council, it would cross the College Ave median just after the “Welcome to Del Cerro” sign. (The church has offered to work with the Friends of Del Cerro to ensure that their landscape and tree planting plans for the median will enhance the community’s median enhancement efforts.) The light would be designed to only turn red when a car in the parking lot would be turning left on to College Avenue to head south to I-8, or left from College Avenue going south and turning in to the church parking lot.  They will use technology that will not activate the traffic signal if a car is turning right out of the parking lot to head north on College Avenue. 

If this signal is approved, the project will have provided traffic mitigation for the community of Del Cerro. Is it enough to reduce traffic? Will it pass at Navajo Community Planners? Don’t know, but there is a plan to address the “right turn only” issue.

So where is the church in its development plans? My understanding is that they have worked through many of the details and answered concerns of most city departments. The Church will soon make its fourth submittal to the city. If this addresses the remaining issues, the city will move forward with an environmental review of the project per the California Environmental Quality Act. This document will be available for public review and comment. This is a time where the community will have an opportunity to provide any feedback or concerns about potential impacts the project may have. Once adjudicated, including issuance of the environmental and traffic reports, the church project will then go before NCPI, City of San Diego Planning Commission, and finally to the San Diego City Council for a vote. Public comment will be welcomed after each of the presentations at NCPI, the San Diego Planning Commission and the City Council.  Community planning groups such as NCPI are the only advisory groups officially recognized by the City of San Diego.  

If you have any questions pertaining to the All Peoples Church development, I recommend visiting the project’s website at or email  If you would like information about when the project is scheduled to be heard by the NCPI visit their website You may also contact DCAC via our website at

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All Peoples Church Update

The Navajo Community Planners, Inc. (NCPI) All Peoples Church Subcommittee will report to the NCPI Board this evening, Wednesday, November 11. The ZOOM meeting begins at 6:30p.m. The public is welcome to join the meeting. Here is the link to participate in tonight’s meeting. This is an informational item only. No action will be taken by the NCPI Board at this time.

Meeting ID: 849 4554 7566
Passcode: NCPI
One tap mobile
6:300 p.m.

+16699009128,,84945547566#,,,,,,0#,,781659# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,84945547566#,,,,,,0#,,781659# US (Tacoma)
Dial by your location
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

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All Peoples Church NCPI Subcommittee will update the NCPI Board tonight, Wednesday, November 11.

For approximately two years, the All Peoples Church has been a project discussed at our quarterly Del Cerro Action Council (DCAC) meetings and mentioned in the DCAC articles in the Mission Times Courier and on the DCAC website. This Thursday evening, November 5, at 7:00PM is the Navajo Community Planners Subcommittee ZOOM informational meeting regarding the All Peoples Church project in Del Cerro. This ZOOM meeting is open to the public. Copy and paste the link below to participate. Since this is not an action item at this time, no vote will be taken. Here is the link to the project – Copy and past the link below to participate in NCPI ZOOM All Peoples Church Subcommittee meeting this Thursday at 7:00PM.

View Post

Next Wednesday, November 11, at 6:30, the Navajo Community Planners (NCPI) All Peoples Church Subcommittee will report on their Nov. 5th informational meeting. NCPI will meet with a Zoom meeting. This meeting is open to the public. The link for this meeting will be posted on the NCPI website. NCPI is the planning group recognized by the City of San Diego. Since this is a report by the subcommittee, no vote will be taken. The next step will be for All Peoples Church to return to the DCAC, NCPI All Peoples Church Sub Committee and then as an NCPI as an action item.

NCPI is made up of four elected representatives from each of the four communities in the Navajo area – Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos. The four elected members representing Del Cerro are Jay Wilson, John Hoy, Lance Grucela and Justine Nielsen. They may be contacted through the Contact Us section of the NCPI website

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Del Cerro Action Council ZOOM Link – meeting Thursday at 7p.m.

Hello Del Cerro: Here is the link ( – Meeting ID: 868 0103 0682) to the The Del Cerro Action Council ZOOM meeting is this Thursday at 7 p.m. There will be an update on the All Peoples Church.

The All Peoples Church will be an Action Item for the Navajo Community Planners Inc. (NCPI) at their ZOOM meeting on Wednesday, November 11 at 6:30 p.m. This is an item many people in Del Cerro are interested in so please forward this information to your Del Cerro neighbors. The NCPI website is

This meeting was postponed one week due to the final presidential debate held last Thursday evening.

Please join us Thursday at 7p.m. The agenda for meeting follows

Del Cerro Action Council Agenda October 29, 2020

On line Meeting – Zoom Meeting  link (

1. Call meeting to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of October Agenda

4. Approval of the July DCAC General Meeting Minutes

5. Community Police & SDSU Report
SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen
SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Melissa Link
SDSU Director of Government and Community Relations Rachel Gregg

6. DCAC Officers Report
President Report
Vice President Report
Treasurer Report

 7. Elected Officials Report:
Jonathan Clark for Congresswoman Susan Davis
Lisa Scott for Councilmember Scott Sherman

8. Main Topic: Update on All Peoples Church – Marcela Escobar & Kristen Byrne

10. New Business

11. Next Meeting – Thursday, January 28, 2021.

12. Adjourn

Visit DCAC website @

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Video Recording of the Navajo Community Mayoral Candidates Forum

On Wednesday, September 23rd, the three community councils representing Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos held a Zoom mayoral candidates forum. Here is the link to the video recording of the forum. The moderator is Jeff Clemetson, the editor of the Mission Times Courier.

Thank you, Jay Wilson, Secretary
Del Cerro Action Council

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Link for Mayoral Candidate Forum – Wednesday, September 23, 7pm – Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry

Wednesday night, September 23, the three community councils: Allied Gardens Community Council, San Carlos Area Council and the Del Cerro Action Council will be holding a ZOOM mayoral candidates forum. Please join us! Below is the link for attending this special meeting. The questions were submitted in advance. Jeff Clemetson, the editor of the Mission Times Courier will be the moderator for this Zoom candidates forum. The two candidates are Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry. This Zoom forum should last approximately one hour. San Diego has a lot on the line for the next four years.

Meeting ID: 833 3788 2685

Please forward this link to your friends and neighbors with our communities and join us tomorrow evening on ZOOM at 7pm.

Jay Wilson, Secretary
Del Cerro Action Council

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URL For Wednesday’s District 7 Zoom Candidates Forum

Below is the URL for Navajo Community residents to attend Wednesday evening’s ZOOM District 7 Candidates Forum which is set to begin at 7:00 PM.

Please forward this information to all your family and friends living in Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos!

If you would like our moderator, Jeff Clemetson, the editor of the Mission Times Courier, to ask a question, please send your question to by noon on Tuesday, August 18.

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